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Not too long ago, Australians who wanted to use their Apple Macintosh computers to play online casino games soon realized that not many gaming sites were compatible with the Apple operating system. With most casino software designed specifically for windows, Mac users were let frustrated and looking for alternate options. Thankfully today, it has become very easy to find online casinos that offer Mac compatible versions of their software. A worldwide increase in Macintosh sales has led casino software developers to create more and more gaming platforms for the Apple operating system. Today Macintosh compatible casinos offer the full range of casino games, including all online pokies, table and card games, progressive jackpot games as well as arcade games and many others.

For those Mac users whose favourite online casino only offers a Windows version of their software, there is some good news. Macintosh users can run certain software programs that simulate a Windows environment, allowing them to play Windows based games on their Apple computer. The first way to do this is to install Boot Camp. Boot Camp is an internal Macintosh program that allows users to run one operating system within another. The second way to play Windows games on an Apple computer is to use Parallels desktop. With Parallels desktop, players can run both Macintosh and Windows operating systems simultaneously. The advantage of this program is that players do not have to reboot in order to switch between operating systems.

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Although the game variety offered by Mac compatible casinos are similar to the standard online casinos, the game quality on a Macintosh is definitely superior. Apple’s stable operating system and impressive graphics interface creates a gaming experience that is second to none. Due to the relatively small number of Apple users, Macintosh casinos are run on dedicated servers which means the game play is faster and players receive dedicated customer service.

The safest way to play online casino games

When it comes to security, all Mac casinos run state of the art 128 bit Secure Socket Layer encryption, ensuring that all online transactions are 100 percent safe. Data encryption technology is used to protect the personal information of every user, providing a safe and secure environment for Macintosh users to enjoy their online casino experience.The security of an Apple Macintosh computer also is very high. This is due to a large number of programs already being pre-installed on the computer. This means that users are less likely to download viruses or malware when downloading external programs.

Play casino games instantly online at any no-download casino

As well as downloading the software to their computer, Australian Mac users can also play their favourite casino games instantly at all no-download or flash casinos. No-download casinos cater for both PC and Macintosh users as no software needs to be installed on the user’s computer. The casino software and games are stored on the casino’s server and is transmitted to the user’s computer using Java and Macromedia Flash technology. For Apple users, this is a great way to access thousands of Windows based casino games. Because all flash games are browser based, all a Macintosh user needs in order to lay flash games online is a stable internet connection, the latest version of Macromedia flash and an internet browser such as Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome.

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